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Opening Speaker Meeting
Billy N - Buford,  GA

Friday Night Speaker
Chuck H - Cary NC

Saturday Morning 10 am Speaker
Cushing P - Montgomery AL

Saturday Night Speaker
Beth h - Cary NC

Closing Speaker Meeting
Pat Y - Palm Desert, CA 


Finances, Romances and Circumstances: The Family Afterwards
The (Higher) Power Of Prayer
Waffles and Spaghetti
Sponsorship That Strengthens
Emotional Sobriety-The Next Frontier
Safety In The Rooms
Anonymity: How Important Is It?
Recording and Sharing Oldtimer and Homegroup Histories
Walking Through Grief With Grace
Rule 62 -Humor In The Rooms
Principles Before Personalities
A Lifetime Of Service
When Agitated Or Doubtful, How Do I Pause?
I Got Sober In Prison
History of AA 12
Never Had A Legal Drink
Drop The Rock-Getting Rid Of Old Ideas
We Agnostics and Free Thinkers
Drinking & Disabilities